private ecommerce stores

private ecommerce stores

B2B eCommerce system

Grow sales & enhance customer experience
Empower your sales team & reduce costs
Perfect for wholesale, distributors & manufacturers

Easy to manage

With templates, bulk uploads, and an intuitive design, iStockist is easy to learn and integrate with your existing systems.

Private & Secure

Your data is protected with encryption, role-based access, two factor authentication, and GDPR compliance.

Your customers will love it!

With favorites lists, a mobile app, and fast checkout, iStockist is proven to help you increase sales & loyalty.
“Super functionality, and extremely responsive to both our business, and our client needs.

Client notification function when updating price-list with a single click. Instant notification through email when the client sends their order, together with full order details – fantastic. The sell tab is great when you have a customer on the phone, keying their order on the spot is a great feature. Our clients love this product as much as we do. We believe that this is a reflection of the great ongoing interactive work and development on the software. This appears to be driven by an inherent curiosity around our business and our clients needs. Overall – A super product!”

– Tom S., General Manager
“This is by far my favorite B2B ordering platform.

After years of exploring B2B ordering platform, and trying most of them, we finally found iStockist. For the first we have a powerful platform, and we feel we have a major part in the development of the product. Many of our need are quickly implemented into the platform. Any problem is quickly addressed, and usually solved in the next release. Highly recommended from someone who had seen it all.”

– Roee G., Co Founder

iStockist private eCommerce stores – features include

Private eCommerce stores

Have as many private eCommerce stores as you want.

You control which customers access each private store.

wholesale ecommerce ordering system

Prices & Settings

Each private eCommerce store can have its’ own product range, prices, settings, payment terms and more.

What is more, there’s a lot of convenient ways to setup multiple private eCommerce stores in bulk

Product catalogue B2B

Shopping lists

Help your customers find their favorite items quicker. Your customers can make lists in the app. You can also set them up.

In addition, customers can search their purchase history to find what they ordered last week… or last season!

Shopping list B2B

Promotions & Offers

Create lists of promotions, and send out a beautifully formatted offers to your customers in a few clicks.

Organize your product categories using drag and drop to highlight new products or deals.

Product categories B2B

Admin & Reports

iStockist is easy to use and manage with an intuitive user experience and csv bulk uploaders.

There are reports for orders/invoices, products sold, product and price changes, site visitors and more.

One-touch integration with your system is straightforward. Updated prices and stock can be imported and orders exported using json, xml, or csv formats.

Admin Accounts B2B Unlimited

Reorder in 1 click

Empower your customers to make repeat orders in a click.

They can open a previous order, click on reorder, make any additions or changes they like, and checkout in a jiffy!

Reorder in 1 click B2B

Stock availability

You can link a private eCommerce store to a warehouse and display stock levels.

You set the rules around what customers can order if there’s no available stock

Stock Availability B2B

Public stores

In addition to private, login only, restricted access stores, you can create public stores to display your products, or even accept eCommerce orders from site visitors.

This includes click and collect functionality, and all of the basic settings you need for regular eCommerce.

Private & Public stores B2B

Your Logo & branding

Customize your private eCommerce stores with your company logo, background images, icons, navigation, emails and much more.

All self-service via the user interface, no coding required.

Store branding B2B


You can enter, make changes to, add a signature to, enter a payment for, and even create invoices for orders!

It’s easy to integrate customer orders with your backend systems, and to create the workflow that best suits your team.

Sell to area B2B

Customer access

It’s easy to onboard existing customers and attract new customers to apply for an account online.

Approve or remove a customers’ access to a private eCommerce store in a click.

Unlimited customers B2B

Supply-chain automation

Auto-sync product updates from your suppliers and display in your private eCommerce stores at your margins

Automatically create orders for your suppliers.

Auto Order B2B

Products setup

There’s a lot of powerful customization in how you manage your products, including per store pricing, product info, and settings like shipping, delivery cut-offs, stock, taxes, and currencies.

iStockist gives you a global platform for your private eCommerce stores from one account.

Unlimited products B2B
Integrated with
  • Stripe integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
  • Paypal integration eCommerce - Pay at ease
  • Xero integration eCommerce - Attract more customers
  • API integration - Wholesale eCommerce ordering system
  • Excell CSV integration - Reduce costs
  • Google integration - Online ordering software