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wholesale ecommerce ordering system

Increase customer loyalty with our easy to order system. Attract new customers, sell 24/7 & grow your revenue.
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Your customers can check their stock online, search products & order from their mobile device in real-time.

Save time

Increase efficiency & satisfaction with self-service ordering. 24/7 orders. Your terms & charges.

Private & Secure

You have full control on what your customers access. Security is a big consideration in everything we do.

Sell more

Empower your customers & increase loyalty. Serve more stores in more regions. Grow faster with iStockist.
Integrated with
  • API integration - iStockist is the best wholesale eCommerce ordering system
  • Excell CSV integration - iStockist the best online ordering system
  • Google integration - iStockist the best online ordering software
  • Stripe integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
  • Unleashed integration - iStockist the best inventory management
  • Xero integration eCommerce - iStockist the best ordering system to attract more customers
  • Celtrino integration - iStockist the best customer order management system
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Private Group eCommerce - Best wholesale eCommerce software
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All in one

Maintain different product ranges & prices for different customer groups. Set up price lists for multiple regions, currencies & tax jurisdictions in one place, with ease.

Private groups

Organize your trade customers into groups. Each customer will access your store and only see products, prices & other settings specific to the group he is in.

Public catalog

Attract new trade customers displaying on your store a public product catalog. Or turn this off & only display products in private to approved trade customers. The choice is yours.
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Wholesa customer order software
Orders - Increase sales


For each product, you can display the product sku/code, barcode, stock levels & availability, up to 6 levels of variations, different pack sizes, prices and much more.

Price lists

Choose which products and prices to make available on your store to different group of customers by creating a price list. You can automate price list updates from your ERP system.

Ordering system

Get email notifications for each new order. View all your orders & their respective invoices or filter by customer/ group of customers. Export a report of orders as a csv/excel file.
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Onboarding customers

Send existing customers an email invite. New customers can sign up and apply for a trade account. At all times, you control what they can see and do.

Telesales, Mobile sales & EDI

You get a range of solutions for telesales, van sales, and fully automated EDI integration with iStockist. Contact for a full walk-through.


iStockist has a fully-documented API for easy integration. We integrate with many software systems out of the box. Contact to find out more.