wholesale ecommerce ordering system

wholesale ecommerce ordering system

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Run your online wholesale or retail store
No upfront or monthly cost.

wholesale ecommerce ordering system

Increase customer loyalty with our easy to order system. Attract new customers, sell 24/7 & grow your revenue. The best eCommerce platform for wholesale.
We handle millions of euros of orders for forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors.
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Increase customer satisfaction

Allow customers to check your stock online, browse products, place & track orders easily from their mobile device in real-time.

Reduce costs & save time

Increase efficiency & reduce costs by replacing manual processes with self-service ordering. Your store opened 24/7.

Keep it private & secure

You have full control on which product catalogs and prices each customer can access.
“Super functionality, and extremely responsive to both our business, and our client needs.

Client notification function when updating price-list with a single click. Instant notification through email when the client sends their order, together with full order details – fantastic. The sell tab is great when you have a customer on the phone, keying their order on the spot is a great feature. Our clients love this product as much as we do. We believe that this is a reflection of the great ongoing interactive work and development on the software. This appears to be driven by an inherent curiosity around our business and our clients needs. Overall – A super product!”

– Tom S., General Manager
“This is by far my favorite B2B ordering platform.

After years of exploring B2B ordering platform, and trying most of them, we finally found iStockist. For the first we have a powerful platform, and we feel we have a major part in the development of the product. Many of our need are quickly implemented into the platform. Any problem is quickly addressed, and usually solved in the next release. Highly recommended from someone who had seen it all.”

– Roee G., Co Founder

Our Wholesale eCommerce store includes the key features below

Unlimited stores

With iStockist you have ‘Store groups’. Each group is a different store for your customers.

You can have as many groups (stores) you want and each one can hold as many customers as necessary.

wholesale ecommerce ordering system

Product Catalogues

The products that appear on each store are the ones belonging to the product catalogue of each customer’s group.

There you can add prices to all products.

Product catalogue B2B

Favorite lists

These are your customer’s favorite product lists. They can create as many lists as desired and in one click place an order for all products saved.

You can help your customers to create their preferred list of products by adding new ones to their account.

Shopping list B2B

Product categories

Make it easier for your customers to browse through your products, find offers and promotional items, with the product categories filter.

A bonus for your customers is that they can click on their created favorites list and have those products displayed on the store for easy checkout.

Product categories B2B

Unlimited admin accounts

Let your employees manage your wholesale store for you adding them as the account administrators. You can have as many admin accounts you need.

With this account your employees will have access to all main features.

Admin Accounts B2B Unlimited

Reorder in 1 click

Allow your customers to easily make repeat orders of products they purchase frequently from you.

With the order history page they can keep track of past orders and make a new purchase from a previous one, in one click.

Reorder in 1 click B2B

Stock availability

Set warehouses and quantity you have in stock for each product.

Your customers will be able to see the amount of products available for purchase on your store.

Stock Availability B2B

Private & Public stores

You have the option for one Public store where everybody can buy your products without a trade account with you.

And multiple Private stores, which can’t be accessed by customers without an approved trade account. It’s your choice.

Private & Public stores B2B

Store branding

With iStockist you can have your own store URL (https://store.youcompanyname.com).

Customize your stores with your company logo, background images, icons, emails your customers receive and much more.

Store branding B2B

‘Sell to’ area

Some of your customers still calls you to place orders? No worries. With iStockist you can place orders on their behalf.

On the ‘Sell to’ area simply click on your customer and the store he is allowed to see will be there. Select products, give discounts & place the order for him at ease.

Sell to area B2B

Unlimited Customers

You can have as many customers as you want in your account.

Your customers can apply for a trade account with your or you can send them an invitation. Either way as soon as you add them to a store group, that product catalogue will be available for purchases.

Unlimited customers B2B

Auto Order

You might buy some of your wholesale products from another wholesale supplier so what you can do is to automate the orders for those products.

Everytime a customer buy from you, the order for the specific product goes directly to your supplier, which will send you the right amount of products ordered by your customer.

Auto Order B2B

Unlimited products

You can have an unlimited amount of products on your account.

On the product page you can edit the details fast, everything is in one page easy to find and update.

Unlimited products B2B
Integrated with
  • Stripe integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
  • Paypal integration eCommerce - Pay at ease
  • Xero integration eCommerce - Attract more customers
  • API integration - Wholesale eCommerce ordering system
  • Excell CSV integration - Reduce costs
  • Google integration - Online ordering software