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The best eCommerce platform for wholesale.
We handle millions of euros of orders for forward-thinking manufacturers and distributors.


Your customers can check their stock online, search products & order from their mobile device in real-time.

Save time

Increase efficiency & satisfaction with self-service ordering. 24/7 orders. Your terms & charges.

Private & Secure

You have full control on what your customers access. Security is a big consideration in everything we do.

Sell more

Empower your customers & increase loyalty. Serve more stores in more regions. Grow faster with iStockist.
Integrated with
  • API integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store sell
  • Excell CSV integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store sell
  • Google integration - iStockist the best wholesale eCommerce store
  • Stripe integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
  • Unleashed integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store sell
  • Xero integration eCommerce - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
  • Celtrino integration - iStockist the best eCommerce wholesale store
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All in one

Maintain different product ranges & prices for different customer groups. Set up price lists for multiple regions, currencies & tax jurisdictions in one place, with ease.

Private groups

Organize your trade customers into groups. Each customer will access your store and only see products, prices & other settings specific to the group he is in.

Public catalog

Attract new trade customers displaying on your store a public product catalog. Or turn this off & only display products in private to approved trade customers. The choice is yours.
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For each product, you can display the product sku/code, barcode, stock levels & availability, up to 6 levels of variations, different pack sizes, prices and much more.

Price lists

Choose which products and prices to make available on your store to each group of customers by creating a price list. You can automate price list updates from your ERP system.


Get email notifications for each new order. View all your orders or filter by customer or group of customers. Export a report of orders as a csv/excel file.
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Onboarding customers

Send existing customers an email invite. New customers can sign up and apply for a trade account. At all times, you control what they can see and do.

Telesales, Mobile sales & EDI

You get a range of solutions for telesales, van sales, and fully automated EDI integration with iStockist. Contact for a full walk-through.


iStockist has a fully-documented API for easy integration. We integrate with many software systems out of the box. Contact to find out more.