1. Self-Service Shopping = Empowerment

eCommerce for wholesale helps your trade customers in so many ways including empowerment, faster purchases, easier to stay organised, and centralized purchasing. The end-result being increased sales, customer satisfaction and loyalty. But first, let’s first address a doubt for many manufacturers and distributors new to eCommerce for wholesale:

‘Will our customers want to order online… in other words, will our customers change from their current method of ordering? (phone, emails, excel)’

The answer is most of them already do order online, whether it’s for personal purchases, or of business. For the vast majority of purchasers, online ordering is seen as a value-added service because it empowers them, enabling them to order faster and stay more organised. Importantly, for your larger customers with multiple branches, iStockist helps you offer a simple way for them to centralize their purchases.

ecommerce wholesale helps trade customers

With iStockist, your customers can order online, change password and even invite other team members completely self-service. Ordering is easy to do on mobile, tablet and desktop devices. What is more, searching for product information or simply browsing your product range becomes much easier.

‘I can now I walk around my store and order from my phone as I check my stock’
– Happy Customer

2. Faster

Where your online ordering portal really stands out from competitors is that it’s faster. iStockist is designed for regular, bulk purchases. This makes it quicker for your customers to place large orders. Plus, they can re-purchase from you using a previous order in a single click.

3. Organised

Your customers can keep multiple lists of favorites or regular orders. For example, a weekly shopping lists, or a list for each store/department/buyer. Furthermore, buyers can access their full order history in one place. 

4. Centralized purchasing

For customers with multiple address, or multiple purchases, this can all be managed completely self-service. What is more, buyers can integrate iStockist with their own back-end system to export orders, or even automate purchases.

What to do when a customer says they don’t want to order online?

Don’t panic! A minority of customers may find it hard to change from their old way of ordering for various reasons. In short, it’s worth inviting them to your wholesale eCommerce store anyways. in time, they may decide to use your online wholesale store for one or more of the reasons above.  

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