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Seasonal promotions, new products or an over-supply of stock are just some examples where a timely email with the right offer for the right customers can move mountains.

That said, we think the traditional way of communicating offers using email marketing software is too cumbersome for many product sales teams. In our latest release, we delighted to announce a new Catalogue Updates email feature. Now you can send targeted Updates on products and communicate to your customers like never before!

Traditional email marketing is too slow!

A targeted email notification is often just the job to keep customers informed of new offers and products. Your customers get the information they need in a quick way and with little interruption to their day. Furthermore, the email serves as a document they can go back to when they are making a buying decision.

The ‘normal’ way of doing this, would be to use email marketing software, and send out an email to a targeted list of recipients, but traditional email marketing is often very time-consuming. Uploading images and writing good copy without breaking your email template takes skill, practice and patience. It often takes 30 mins to 2+ hours to prepare and send an email.

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Sales teams need to move fast, especially with time-sensitive offers

We understand the need for sales teams to move fast and get the right information to the right people. In our connected world, it should be possible to create an outrageously good offer and sell-out, all within a few minutes or an hour. Why not?

If you have products that you know will be big sellers for your customers, it’s useful to prompt them with an email spelling out the offer.

This is especially relevant in the lead up to seasonal events like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and other festive holidays. Moreover, in times when you have an over-supply of products that you need to move quickly, an email notification with the right offer can make it happen.

How you can communicate better with less effort

We’ve made this possible for you with a popular feature in iStockist. The ‘Send email’ button traditionally just worked to send out a generic notification email to customers to say that the product catalogue was updated. Now with this same feature, you can send a personalised marketing email with product images and offers to each of your customer groups in a click.

Simply type in the name of the product, add a description, click ‘Send’ button and is done!

You can add as many products as you like, customise the header, and send out your offers, all in minutes, rather than hours. Your customers receive a nicely formatted email displaying your products with images and details, and a link for them to visit your store online.
In an instant, you’ve given your customers what they want – timely relevant offers, and the ability to order it in a few clicks.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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