Click & collect, Shipping & home delivery

Click collect shipping delivery.

From the retailer perspective, if you’re not geared up for it, shipping and home delivery can become a logistical chore, so click and collect enables both the retailer and consumer to avoid the costs of shipping. 49% of US consumers tried click and collect for the first time in 2016.

A survey on click and collect showed the drivers and benefits consumers value the most with click and collect:

Key drivers

  • Saving on shipping charges – 76%
  • Needing the item that day – 54%
  • Proximity to another store the respondents were going to – 54%

Key benefits

  • Quick in-and-out experience – 56%
  • No waiting in line – 22%
  • Ease when finding pickup location – 14%
  • Dedicated pickup counter – 9%
  • Designated parking spots – 5%

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