Deploying online orders

Online orders makes it easier and more convenient for stockists to order from you. Repeat orders become a breeze. It encourages your stockists to browse and find products they never knew you had! It’s also a highly effective way to run promotions on products, as you can put a product for sale in real-time.

There are two key steps involved in deploying online orders to your stockists.

  1. Organise your pricelist(s)
  2. Give your stockists access to their pricelist
Deploy online orders wholesale ecommerce

Organise your price list(s)

In iStockist, you can have a different price list for a different group of stockists. In other words, each stockist will only see the products and prices that are available to them.

Creating a price list on iStockist is pretty simple, especially once you have one already set up. You can simply copy an existing price list, and make the updates you need to the new one. Setting up the first price list involves three steps:

  1. Uploading your products
    You can upload individual products really easily, and our support team will help you import with bulk imports.
  2. Creating a group
    Each group has one price list where you can add approved customers to it. Your stockists can only see the price list for the store group they belong to.
  3. Adding a price list
    Adding a price list is super intuitive, you simply go through your list of products and add unit prices to them. Only products with prices will appear to your approved customers.

Give your stockists access

Invite your stockist
You can either search for them by company name, or add their email. Once you add a stockist, they will be sent an email saying that you have invited them to access your price list.

You stockist logs in
A click on the link in the invite email. This allows them to signup and login. They can search and browse your product list and order from you. As you can see, it’s pretty straightforward, and once you’ve set up one group of stockists, doing other groups, is super-easy and quick.

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