Store (Group of customers)

You can have two types of stores using iStockist, Public and Private.

Store group of customers Wholesale eCommerce



A public store is visible to anyone who has the link.
You can use this as an eCommerce store or to showcase your products without displaying prices. Or you can switch it off to force users to login to your store in order to see prices.

The public stores is for accepting orders from unregistered visitors such as click and collect orders or to attract new people to buy from you. You can choose whether or not to display prices, accept orders, and what payment methods to allow.



You can setup as many private stores as you like.
A private store can only be accessed by customers that you allow. Each private store can display different products, prices, delivery schedule, payment options and other settings.

Managing lots of stores is efficient and quick. You can maintain the same price list for many stores using templates. You can use the products csv upload to change the prices for all products on all stores in one upload.


Main sections of a store

  • Catalog: View and edit prices for the store. Click 'Preview'  to view the store as the customer.
  • Settings: Set the template price list, taxes, currency, and other settings.
  • Products: Customize the product information you show specifically for this store.
  • Customers: All of the customers who currently have access to this store.
  • Orders: All the orders placed on this store.
Store group of customers

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