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Organise product catalog b2b ecommerce.

To organise your product catalog for B2B eCommerce there’s a bunch of things to prepare. If you haven’t done this before, this is probably going to be one of the most time-consuming tasks you have before getting your first sale online. The six most basic pieces of information you’ll need for each product in your B2B eCommerce product catalog are:

  • Product name
  • code/SKU
  • image
  • Category
  • Description/Info
  • Price

In this article we cover the first three: the product name, product code/sku and the image.

Product names

Product names are an art in themselves. You can study from the best and look at how big eCommerce sites like Amazon structure their product names. Let’s take a look at what Amazon calls an Apple iPad Mini:

organise product catalog
Product name: Apple iPad Mini 2 with WiFi 32GB Silver – ME280LL/A

In the product name, they have the following details:

  • the brand and model name: Apple iPad Mini 2
  • the key variants of this product: WiFi (type of internet connection) 32GB (storage) Silver (color)
  • the product code /item model number : ME280LL/A

In other words all of the important things that define a particular product. Not coincidentally, these are also the main keywords people will use to search google to find the product.

Product Code/SKU

If you have not yet set up your product code system, we provided a free Product Code/SKU generator in excel that you can use to create your dictionary of product codes.

Creating a product code for each product might not sound very exciting, but it’s crucial to help you manage your orders and stock.

To contemplate the value of a product code, think about Ikea. It’s really easy for shopper who has never been to Ikea before to locate their product using the product codes. That’s the value of product codes.

Once you’ve set up your structure for your product code, you’ll have the job done relatively quickly. And if you want to set it up similar to how Ikea does, you could!

Organise product catalog b2b ecommerce sku ikea

Product image

As we all know, a picture tells a thousand words. People need to see what they are buying. This applies just the same for your business customers. Whether you are selling screws or ice-cream, a product image will reassure your customer. If nothing more, they can see with their eyes that they are buying the right product, rather than trying to work out if they have the name or product code right.

Organise product catalog b2b ecommerce

It’s worth investing in quality product photos, especially for B2B eCommerce. If your customer are reselling your products, provide them with high-quality images as part of their B2B eCommerce experience. It’s generally a good idea to use images with a white background, since this kind of image will work well where-ever you need to use it for B2B eCommerce or regular eCommerce. There’s a nice article here on developing a workflow for product photography

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