International Sales

Suppliers have been asking for a while to introduce multi-currency (we started with just euro) and local VAT. In the latest release we did just that. You can now sell in any currency and configure local VAT/sales tax rates for a group of stockists in country or region as appropriate. You can even collect credit card payments in local currency from your stockists!

In the 9 November 2016 release of iStockist, we’ve enabled suppliers to configure the following:

Local currency

Set the local currency for a group of stockists. You manage stockists throughout Europe or the World. Now providing your stockists with price lists in their local currency is easy to manage. In the stockist group settings, you simply set the currency and your trade customers will now see the local currency. This will flow through to the order history, order confirmation and even work for credit card payments. (Stripe will charge your customers using local currency.)

International sales features wholesale ordering system

VAT rate

Setting the VAT Rate for a group of stockists or for each product is equally easy. In the stockist group settings, you simply select the country and the default vat rate.
You can then over-ride the default VAT/sales tax rate for individual products that have a different VAT rate. Your stockists will now see both the subtotal ex VAT and the subtotal including VAT for each product they order.

International sales features ordering system tax rate
International sales features wholesale ordering system tax rate

Export PDF

Export a price list in PDF format. You can easily export a price list as a PDF file. Simply click on the price list, and you’ll see a small dropdown menu. Click on Export to PDF and you’re done!

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