Invoice delivery address bank detail payment term pay now.

At iStockist, we always looking for ways to save your time, so you can focus on growth. This article is to announce some new features we’ve added to the order confirmation/invoice.
In short, they make it more convenient for your stockists to pay you, and for you to get paid!

Invoice delivery address bank detail payment term pay now

Billing and Delivery Address

First you can now see the billing and delivery address on the order confirmation. Your trade customers can manage their own list of addresses. Furthermore, they can select the appropriate delivery address for each order on the checkout page.

Bank details and payment terms

Second, you can now add bank details and even payment terms to the order confirmation/invoice for easy reference for your customers. Here’s an article explaining how to add payment terms and bank details to your invoice

Pay now button

Third, if you’ve enabled credit card payments in your iStockist account, your trade customers can login anytime after they’ve placed an order and pay for it via credit card. This rounds the circle on self-service, as customers can both order and pay at the time that convenient to them, subject to your payment terms. Here’s more on this overall improvement to making it easier for trade customers to pay self-service:

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