New features

We push our latest release to live yesterday. And the result have been super-impressive! Here’s some notes on some of the key features in the new release!

Product Variants

Manufacturers and distributors using iStockist can now create product variants (sizes, colors, styles etc). This means, for example if you sell jeans, your trade customers can pick between waist and leg sizes, as well as colors, and styles, all from one screen.

What is more, we’ve designed our variants feature to work seamlessly with ERPs. Whereas with some systems like Shopify, you need to use Shopify as your master list when you want to do product variants, iStockist is built with ERPs in mind.

You can easily import your product codes/skus in bulk to iStockist, then build up your product variants in iStockist. This allows you to have a one-to-one relationship between your product skus in your ERP and iStockist. YOu don’t need to change your workflow when you use iStockist for B2B eCommerce!

Furthermore, you can add up to six levels of product variants.
For example, for jeans you could have:

  1. Color,
  2. Waist size,
  3. Leg length,
  4. Style,
  5. Brand,
  6. Material,

as product variants… pretty cool right? Many other eCommerce platforms will not let you do as many levels of variants.

Shipping costs

You can now add two different types of shipping costs to an order.

You can set shipping rate or rate bands for the order. For example, you can create a rule that shipping will cost €15 for all orders up to €85, and it’s free on orders over €85.

You can also set per category shipping costs. For example if you sell heavy items under one product category, and these incur a separate shipping charge, this is easy to set up. For example, you can create a rule that all products bought from the category ‘Lawnmowers’ will incur an additional shipping charge of €50.

Customers screen

All of your customers are now visible from one screen, useful when you’re managing 100s, 1000s or 10,000s of customers.


We’ve also made a bunch of tidy-ups to the user interface for admins and super-admins. Our mission with iStockist is to make all aspects of sales and sales administration easier, more pleasurable and more profitable. We’re building the best sales software in the world for manufacturers and distributors.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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