Sell online wholesale products.

Sell online wholesale products.

Your wholesale store

Create your iStockist store (Eg.: and list your wholesale products online to promote your range & reach new customers.

Your customers can now check your stock, search products & order at easy without phone calls or faxes. You have full control over products and prices customers can access and see.

Pay as you go

Premium features

Subscribe to iStockist Premium features to Customize your online Store with your own Url (Eg.:, company logo, background images, icons, emails, APIs, Integrations and much more.

Empower & increase loyalty. Serve more stores in more regions. Grow faster with iStockist.

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Mobile app

Save your customers time when ordering from you with iStockist Mobile app, simple and easy to use.

You get a range of solutions for telesales, van sales, and fully automated EDI integration with iStockist.

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Grow your sales in less time. It’s simple to manage and completely self-service.

Using iStockist you can sell to different groups of customers. Each group can have completely different prices and product ranges. You can choose which customers can access what. These approved customers are the only ones that can see wholesale products and prices when they’re logged in.

Until now if you wanted to sell products at different prices based on who your customer was, you would have to either custom build something, or use plugins for eCommerce platforms. With iStockist, you get a system designed from the ground up for selling both to wholesale and retail. You can create as many product catalogs as you need and it’s really fast and simple to manage. iStockist makes it easy to approve customers for wholesale access. It’s super-simple and intuitive to choose which products can be sold at wholesale prices and what those prices are.

Make a good impression on your favorite wholesalers, distributors and prospective customers with up to date, mobile friendly, product catalogues. Imagine how much stock you can move when you make it super-simple and convenient for retail stores and distributors to buy your products!