Price list as PDF

Price list pdf easier ordering system.

Just this morning I was in a friend’s store and I was chatting to him about ordering from suppliers.

His suppliers currently send him price lists in a pdf format. He needs to browse through the pdfs to find the products he wants to order from the supplier. Then he calls the supplier to place the order. He is more than happy to phone-in the order. However scanning through price list pdfs on his phone to find things, while trying to serve customers is not ideal.

He gave an example where he had to get an order in to a supplier by a certain time yesterday. He would have liked to order much more from the supplier, but simply didn’t get time to search through the full price list pdf to find everything he needed. Instead he ordered what he could find in the pdf and from what he knew by heart.

I showed him iStockist, our online ordering for wholesale app and he said:

“This is exactly what I need”

Price list pdf easier ordering system

If you work in wholesale and send out product catalogues and price list in a pdf format to your stockists, get in touch or try out our free version If you know someone who does work in wholesale and might be interested in this, please share this post with them.

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