Displaying products in a store

The product catalogue is how the supplier display his products to customers in his online store. All products in the product catalogue that have a price will display in the store to that group of customers.

Upon signup, the supplier account comes with one fixed Public group, which cannot be deleted and one sample Private group, which can be edited/deleted to fit the supplier needs.
Both will come with one product catalogue with one sample product which contain a default price.

How to display products in a store

  1. Login to your iStockist seller account using your email and password (if you do not have a seller account click here to learn how to upgrade);
  2. Select ‘Groups’ in the left vertical tabs;
  3. at the Groups page side menu, click the desired public or private group. After that the Product Catalogue tab will be selected;
  4. Now you will see that only the sample product appears in the product catalogue/store, meaning that the customers of this group can only see this product when they access your store;
  5. Edit the product price by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button at the top near the search box. After the change click ‘Update’ button;
  6. To display more products in the product catalogue/store, simply add more products to the Products page You can follow the instruction here of how to add products).
  7. After adding products, go back to the ‘Groups’ tab, select the desired group, the Product Catalogue tab will be selected;
  8. Now you will see all the new products that you just added with default prices. These are the products now being displayed in your store for these customers.
  9. Again, you can edit the prices by clicking on the ‘Edit’ button at the top near the search box. After the change click ‘Update’ button;

How to remove products from a store

  1. To remove a product from a store you need to remove the value from the price field in the product catalogue page.
  2. Click on the ‘Edit’ button at the top near the search box. Remove the price from the products you don’t want to appear in this product catalogue/store;
  3. Click ‘Update’ button;

A supplier account can have different prices for each group of customers, click here to learn how to add multiple prices.

To view what the customers of a group will see in a store, click the ‘Preview’ button at the top of the product catalogue page near the search box.

You can export your product catalogue as PDF and Excel format, as well as send to your customers an email with products offers and price updates, click the link to learn how to send price update and offers to customers.

Copying an existing product catalogue (only if multiple price is active)

If Multiple price is active, you can copy the product catalogue of an existing group to a new group created.

  1. Select ‘Groups’ in the left vertical tabs, at the left side menu, click the green Plus button to add a new group;
  2. Enter the Group name and click ‘Save’
  3. Select the ‘Product Catalogue’ Tab at the top, beside the title ‘EDIT PRICES’, click the green Copy icon button;
  4. Select which group product catalogue you want to copy and click on the Copy button;
  5. Done! You just copied all prices and products from one group to another.

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