Set up public private groups.

By assigning each customer to a group, the supplier controls what they see and how they buy. Each group can have it’s own product catalog, prices, settings (currency, tax rates etc). By default, a supplier account start with two groups, Public and Private.

Public Group

Each supplier account only have one Public Group (Public store) which is where the supplier controls what unregistered visitors to his wholesale eCommerce store can see and do. The supplier might decide to show a selection of his products to the public, or none at all.

The supplier can decide to accept orders paid by credit card from unregistered visitor, without the need for an iStockist account or he might decide that only accepted trade accounts can place orders. His choice.

  1. Login to your iStockist seller account using your email and password (if you do not have a seller account click here to learn how to upgrade);
  2. Select ‘Groups’ in the left vertical tabs;
  3. At the Group’s page side menu, click the Public group and select ‘Details’ at the top horizontal tabs;
  4. Under ‘Settings’ you will find the ‘Show prices’ switch, turn it to Yes if you want to show prices to any unregistered customers;
  5. In case you want to accept orders from unregistered customers you can turn the ‘eCommerce’ switch to ‘Yes’.

Private Group

A supplier account can have as many Private Groups as needed. It may be useful to set up a private group for each region the supplier sells into (US, EU, UK, ASIA etc), or even to have a private group per customer. Once again, the supplier is in control of what his customers in each group can see and do! Below the instructions of how to add a private group:

  1. Select ‘Groups’ in the left vertical tabs;
  2. At the left side menu, click the green Plus button and enter details for the new group of customers;
  3. Select ‘Product Catalogue’ at the top horizontal tabs and click ‘Preview Store’ button near the title to view what the product catalogue will look like to the customers inside the specific group.

Now the last step is to invite/add customers.

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Set up public private groups