What is iStockist?

iStockist is beautiful, simple and secure B2B eCommerce Software. Built for speed! What is istockist b2b ecommerce ordering system software. Grow your sales in less time. It’s simple to manage and completely self-service. Using iStockist

I sell exclusively to wholesalers, can I use iStockist?

Public product catalogue “I sell exclusively to wholesalers, can I use iStockist?” Sell wholesale only store. Dealing exclusively with wholesalers? Simply use your public product catalog as a marketing tool to attract customers. Regular visitors

Can I decide who sees my wholesale prices?

Wholesale prices Decide sees wholesale prices. “Can I decide who sees my wholesale prices?” Decide sees wholesale prices. Yes, you are in full control over prices, products and who sees what. You can set the

Can retail customers see wholesale prices?

Public & Private price lists Retail customers see wholesale prices. “Can retail customers see wholesale prices?” No. Your private wholesale prices for one group of customers can not be accessed by the public. Nor can

Can I sell in a different currency?

Multiple currencies “I would like to sell in a different currency, is that possible?” Multiple currencies You can sell your products in any currency you like. Furthermore you can configure a currency for one group