Generating Universally Unique IDs (uuids)

Libraries & References Generating universally unique IDs uuids Find libraries and/or references on how to generate uuids (also known as guids) in different server-side programming languages. PLEASE NOTE: These libraries and references are to help

Delivery Status Codes

Delivery Status Codes Please find below a list of our delivery status codes: 0, Pending: New shipments added that are pending to track, or new shipments without tracking information available yet. 1, Info Received: Carrier

Supported Currencies

Supported Currencies supported currencies Current list of currencies available in iStockist. Australian Dollar,AUD British Pound, GBP Bulgarian Lev, BGN Croatian Kuna, HRK Czech Koruna, CZK Danish Krone, DKK Euro, EUR Hungarian Forint, HUF New Zealand

Countries and ISO Codes

Countries and ISO codes List of Countries and their 2 digit ISO Codes. Afghanistan, AF Albania, AL Algeria, DZ American Samoa, AS Andorra, AD Angola, AO Anguilla, AI Antarctica, AQ Argentina, AR Armenia, AM Aruba,