The best choice

We have been told that iStockist is one of the best ordering system software for B2B. What is more, people love that we provide it on a software-as-a-service (SaaS) basis, only charging per transaction. 🙂

Our goal was to make iStockist the most easy to understand and useful ordering system software for B2B. These were the first goals when iStockist was created, after that multiple amazing features were incorporated.

The first and more important benefit of using iStockist is that you can remove completely the time your team spends on collecting your company daily orders through phone calls, faxes and emails. With that extra time left you can focus on increasing your sales target with other tools the system offers.

The best ordering system software for B2B - iStockist

Seller area (Dashboard)

Easy to navigate

You can easily locate yourself inside the app, no more multiple pages open and getting lost inside the software. With iStockist the page you are on tells you everything you need to know and what you are doing.

Other softwares have an infinite amount of clicks and pages you have to go thought to perform an specific task. With iStockist you only need 1 click and all information you need is there, in one page.

Store groups

You, as a seller, can have unlimited store groups on your iStockist account. A store group is a group of your trade customers that have some characteristics in common. They will share the same product catalogue price list when buying from your company, the same currency, tax and shipping rates, warehouse, bank detail, checkout terms & delivery days, same minimum order value and quantity, same back-order settings and information collection at checkout, and many more options.


All these store groups are private groups where your trade customers need to apply for a trade account with your company or you need to send them an invitation in order to open the access. A trade customer can only belong to one store group, and he will only see the details regarding that store group.


In case you want to have a store open to the public where you can sell to any person that desires your products, independent if they have a trade account with you or not, you will need to set up a Public group. Each iStockist account have one Public group and buyers do not need to belong to this group in order to buy from your company.

Let’s say you want to show your available products to the public but do not want them to see your prices, you can do it using your public group and turning the eCommerce option off plus setting your products prices to not show.

As well as all these super useful features, for each store group you will have options to see all orders coming in, set different tax rates to each product, see and adjust the customers information details.


In one click you can find all information regarding your products, all in one page.

On each product you can specify a default price for all store groups or enter a different price for each. Enter unit amount for different pack sizes you have available for the product, add images, stock availability for different warehouses and check how many units of the products are left. Add variants if the product comes in multiple versions, like different sizes or colors, etc.

All orders

On this section of the software you can have a simple and organized view of all orders your company is receiving constantly, the order are sorted by arrival date and the order details are displayed on the same page as the list of orders coming in.

You can easily edit the order, set them as paid and which method of payment was used. Sometimes the order invoice is different from the order details when it arrived and you can see that difference on the same page as well. You can export all or individual orders to PDF and even export the order PDF without the prices ( pick list ).


For the customers you will have a list of all trade customers you have on your account. You can invite new customers using their email address or by adding their company name if they are already in the system. On each customer details you will find their approval status and you can notify them once you get their application approved, their company details and some settings such as, which payment method is applied to this specific customer, which store group they belong to, their delivery or billing addresses and all their users allow to buy from you.

If your trade customer allows you to have their company information shared with you even be able to add for them their addresses and users. This can be very helpful for your company if your buyers are not willing to spend time adding their company information.


iStockist provides reports on the customer visits to the store to help the sales team uncover opportunities. We provide downloadable reports on products sold over a period of time to help with financial reconciliations. Furthermore, you can download the order lines report to easily upload orders to your ERP via csv (excel), if no integration is set up yet.

Buyer area (My suppliers)

This is the area your trade customers will see once they signup to your store. They won’t have access to their seller area unless they signup to be a supplier.
Here your trade customers will have a list of their suppliers and all details related to each of them. In the case of your company, they will see your company name on the left side menu.


By selecting each supplier a tab will open to let your trade customers know the status of their application, in case of approved the link for the store group they belong to will appear.


All orders your trade customers made on that store group will be displayed in this page.

Shopping lists

Your trade customers can have unlimited shopping lists for the product catalogue they have access to and will see each shopping list created on the sidebar of the store for easy buying.

You as the supplier will be able to create and edit shopping lists for your trade customers, in case they don’t have time to set that up for themselves.

Automated ordering

In case you as a seller have suppliers, you can set up auto-ordering from your suppliers, so that, for example, when a customer orders certain products from you, your supplier gets a copy of the order. You can configure it so that the orders go with your address as the delivery location or the customer’s.

Sell and buy from the same software

With iStockist you can sell to your trade customers and buy from your suppliers from the same platform, you can even link your products being sold with your supplier products so they are sent automatically to them, and you just receive your products when needed.

This feature keeps all your cycle of selling and buying on the same place. without any extra time spent.

We have many more advantages than the ones described here. If you want to know more or have any questions, feel free to contact us.