Improved buyer experience

User experience improvements ordering system.

From talking to retailers and suppliers in the past few weeks, we realized that making ordering easier on mobile devices will bring huge convenience to the buying experience. In the 17 October 2016 release of iStockist, we focused on lot on four key aspects of the buying experience.

Place an order

Add/remove buttons for placing order smoothly. Now you can simply tap on +/- buttons to add or remove products from you checkout. To change the default pack size, you can still tap on the product name, and change to a larger/smaller pack size.

User experience improvements ordering system

Product search

Find things faster with auto-complete search fields. The users starts typing, items containing the same letter pop-up, similar to any popular search engine. Helps you find things faster.

Product pagination

View more products per page. We have a default of 6 products per page, to fit mobile screensizes. This can now be changed to alternatively display 20,50, 100 products per page.

Collapsible menu

It’s mobile. The menu bar needs to be visible when you need it, and hidden the rest of the time. Logical, and now you have it.

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