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Wholesale eCommerce helps producers and brands of everyday essentials. Brands can grow their digital sales and empower their stockists.

Best wholesale ecommerce increase sales

In our work, we noticed that lot of companies making everyday essentials like groceries, household, health & beauty products, DIY, Baby, Pet etc have eCommerce enabled on their websites. However it’s often not a significant source of revenues for them. In addition they don’t offer a convenient way to buy wholesale online.

As a result, we designed a unique digital approach that producers and brands can use. Before you might have focused all of your digital channels on selling directly to the consumer. Now you can use powerful wholesale eCommerce software to increase your sales to new and existing stockists.

Our new wholesale eCommerce platform, iStockist helps you get more trade orders. It also helps your existing team to manage more relationships with local and international stockists.

The difference in wholesale eCommerce with iStockist

For your stockists
  • Open 247:
    Give your stockists the ability to buy from you at a time that’s convenient for them. For some, this could be 10pm at night or 4am in the morning. With iStockist, you can do this without requiring your sales team to work extra time. You can then process the orders during normal business hours.
  • Private one-to-one webshop experience:
    Your stockists can login to their private webshop in their own time. They can then access all the information they need.

    You can tailor the product range, prices, SKUs and product information for an individual or a group of trade customers. This way, they only see the information relevant to them. Provide an entire digital product catalogue laid out for each group of stockists, without much setup!

    You may find that this private webshop experience is a great way for your trade customers to discover new products and solutions that they weren’t aware you had.

    Bulk/routine purchasing is made super easy. We designed iStockist with wholesale purchasing in mind. Your trade customers will thank you for making time spent purchases easier, faster, and perhaps, more fun.

  • Order History Portal:
    Your stockists can also access their order history. They can view and download orders from your online ordering portal anytime as can you.
For you
  • Manage more stockists, easily:
    You can group and manage stockists with ease. You might find that you can grow the number of stockist account that each of your sales team manages.
  • Give your stockists more options:
    Increasingly busy trade customers want to purchase their way and in their time. Why not give your them a simple, convenient and personalized way to order from you. If you decide to use iStockist, they’ll thank you. Unlike typical eCommerce websites, they won’t have to enter their shipping details every time. Furthermore, with the unique bulk buying experience we have designed, the time they will need to make an order will move from minutes to seconds.
  • Set payment terms for each stockist:
    You can enabling cash upfront, credit-card sales with any of our plans, as well as, give selected stockists permission to pay later by invoice.
  • Enhance your brands digital platform:
    With our Premium plan, you get your own secure custom url (e.g. to enhance the branding and really make it yours. Needless to say, we provide all the features you need to make iStockist work with your existing sales processes.

We are the right option for your business

Regardless of whether you are a multinational with large and established order volumes or you are just starting to supply stockists, iStockist provides a secure and trusted platform with an affordable price point to meet your needs. Organizations of all sizes benefit from the simple, affordable and unique features our platform offers.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.