Management tools

For those of us who maintain large price lists and product catalogs, iStockist can now make life a little easier. We have included the ability to copy a price list to another store group, download an excel version, and upload product from csv files.

Price list management

If you update price lists regularly, and are looking for a better user experience for doing this chore, our new price list management tools might just help!
You can now copy and move price list from one customer group to another in two clicks.

With this, you can maintain one or more ‘master’ price lists, copy them to a group and update as appropriate, all in seconds and minutes, rather than hours. Furthermore, you can now download an excel version, simply by clicking on ‘Download to excel’.

Product importer

We’ve introduced a product importer to make it easy to upload large quantities of products and product information. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  1. On advanced settings > select ‘Import/Export’. Download the template file;
  2. Open it, you’ll see the following fields: Code, Name, Description, Note, Size, Barcode, Split_Name, Split_Quantity, Category_Name;
  3. After you’ve filled in the csv file with the correct information, Select ‘ Products’ and click ‘Upload’;
  4. Match the information from the uploaded file to the fields on iStockist.

You’ll now see your product details, categories and unit sizes are updated with the imported product information.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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