Wholesale experience

Wholesale experience ordering system.

Our focus is on perfecting your trade customer experience.

We designed the buyer experience to help your customer make significant sized orders as fast as possible on a regular basis, rather than once-off purchases of one or two products.
The number of tools that make things simpler, faster and more automated are provided and extended continually.

We designed the selling experience with the goal of giving manufacturers and distributors a real ground-control for sales. To ensure telesales, van sales and EDI orders can all be managed from one place and things like setting payment terms, minimum order values and quantities to be super easy to manage.

The aim is to ensure that more complex configurations like multiple sales offices, warehouses, and trade relationships, can be set up out of the box. And of course that it’s very easy to integrate iStockist with existing ERP, finance, inventory and procurement systems.

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Wholesale experience ordering system