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Skus, also know as product codes, are a key ingredient to successfully managing your product range. They allow you to create a unique internal reference number for each of your products. Using the sku code as the image name is also a great way to keep your product images organised.

We've provided a free sku code template in excel so that you can generate product codes in a way that is appropriate for your business. Create your sku code pattern in seconds!

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Why not just use the barcode (GTINs)?

You might be tempted to use barcodes (GTINs) as your SKU codes. However there's a couple of reasons why it might be better to use SKUs.

  • If you resell other people's products, the barcodes may change from time to time, which could put your product catalogs out of sync.
  • Your barcodes may be too broad for inventory management, for example a barcode may cover several colors of a product, which is not going to help your team to get the right product to the customer.

What about a serial number or a sequential number?

The problem with using sequential numbers or serial numbers as skus, is that if you plan to add to a range in the future, it's not going to be easy for people to associate the number with the product (without memorizing what could be a very very long list of skus).

For example, If all your existing product SKUs are sequential number strings, (001,002,003 etc) the relationship of a new product to other products in the same range will not be apparent.

The benefits of SKUs

A SKU often includes details such as the manufacturer, product name, material, size, color, packaging, some even include details about the warranty. We have found that people often use between 3 to 5 product attributes to create the sku. For example, a clothing company might use a SKU code such as:



  • Product Name: Brand - JCOOL
  • Attribute 1: Type - JEAN (Jeans)
  • Attribute 2: Color - BLU (Blue)
  • Attribute 3: Waist Length - 34L
  • Attribute 4: Warehouse - DUB (Dublin)

are unique to your company as your primary internal reference numbers.

Free SKU template


One question we get asked quite frequently is 'How do I drag the formula down indefinitely to make a continuous sku list?'

To generate more lines, simply

  1. Unhide columns G-K (this validates for duplicates) and
  2. Then you can drag down the formula into as many lines as you wish!

If you need more than 5 product attributes, please contact us at support[@] and we'll get back to you with help.

Download your free sku template below.

Download SKU code excel template

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