Sell to customers

Sometimes old customers are not willing to stop his work to place his orders. With the 'Sell to' , suppliers can select the customer and view the store as they would, select the products they requested and place the order on their behalf.

Sell to customers Wholesale eCommerce


How to place an order for a customer

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. At the header 'Sell to'  field, type the name of your customer and select;
  3. The store this customer belong to will appear, now you can select products and quantities;
  4. Select the 'Cart'  tab and Click 'Check out'.

You just placed an order for your trade customer.

How to create ​ Favorites list

You as the supplier will be able to create and edit favorites lists for your customers.

  1. After all products and quantities are selected, at the bottom of the 'Cart'  tab, click 'Save Favorites';
  2. Enter the favorite list name, click 'Save';

This list will appear to your customer on the sidebar of your store, once they click on it the cart will be populated with all products from this list and your customer can easily check out.

Sell to customers

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