Product multiple prices

You can set to each product multiple prices and custom information to different customers.

Product multiple prices Wholesale eCommerce


How to enable ​ Multiple prices

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. Click 'Account settings'  icon (cog) at the header;
  3. On the left side menu click  'Advanced';
  4. Under 'Price'  , Turn on the 'Multiple prices'  switch.

How to add multiple prices to a product

  1. Click 'Dashboard'  at the header;
  2. On the left vertical tabs click  'Products';
  3. Select 'Info'  tab, Choose the desired product;
  4. Under 'Price'  , Click 'Edit prices';
  5. Enter the price for each store of customers.

The value entered for each Group price field will overwrite the Default price of that product, and that is what customers will see.

Product multiple prices

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