Products sold report

Use reports to help you organise and grow your sales.

Products sold report Wholesale eCommerce


How to view the report

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. On the left vertical tabs click  'Reports';
  3. Choose the desired report;

This report tells you what products and how many of each were sold in a given time period (day, week, month etc). It gives you for each product sold: the Code, Name, Total units and Total value. If you wish you can export this data to a CSV file.

If a product is sold in two or more currencies, the products sold will appear as two separate lines, with the units and amount sold for each currency.

Product codeProduct nameTotal units soldValue sold
PROD-AProduct A50€500
PROD-BProduct B10€200
Products sold report

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