Products catalog

The product catalog is how you display products in your online store.
All products in the store catalog with a price will appear in the store for that group of customers.

Products catalog Wholesale eCommerce


How to display products in a store

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. On the left vertical tabs click  'Stores';
  3. Choose the desired store (Group of clients);
  4. Select 'Catalog'  tab;
  5. The products with price that you see on this catalog are the ones your customers will see on this store;
  6. Click 'Edit'  icon at the top, to see all products you added to the system;
  7. The products with price will appear on this store, the ones with no price will not.
  • You can have different prices for each group of customers (store) (How to add multiple prices).
  • Click 'Store'  icon at the top, to view the store as the customer.
  • You can export your product catalog as PDF and Excel format, as well as send to your customers an marketing email with products offers and price updates (How to send marketing emails).

How to copy an existing catalog

If multiple price is active, you can copy the product catalog of an existing store to a new one created.

  1. On the left vertical tabs click  'Stores'  and click the blue plus button to add a new one;
  2. Enter the information required;
  3. Select 'Catalog'  tab;
  4. Click 'Copy'  icon at the top;
  5. Select from which store you want to copy the catalog of products.

You just copied all prices and products from one store to another.

Product catalog

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