Request approval

Approve new customers' request to open trade accounts with you. New customers can sign up via the supplier's iStockist public store and send a request. You decide whether to approve their trade account, and which group/product catalog to assign them to.

Request approval Wholesale eCommerce

All new customers sending requests for trade accounts will be listed inside 'Public store > Customers > Inactive'.


How to approve a customer

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. On the left vertical tabs click  'Stores';
  3. Choose the 'Public'  store;
  4. Select 'Customer'  tab;
  5. Check 'Show inactive'  box at the top of the list of customers
  6. Select the customer and click 'Edit'  button;
  7. Under 'Store' , Select which private store you want this customer to be part of;

The new customer will receive an email notifying he was approved to have a trade account with you and can now place orders.

Request approval

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