Auto ordering

You can set up auto-ordering to get your suppliers products delivered directly to your customers or to you. For example, when a trade customer orders certain products from you, your supplier gets a copy of the order. You can configure it so that the orders go to your supplier with your address as the delivery location or the customer's.

Auto ordering Wholesale eCommerce


How to enable ​ Auto order

  1. Navigate to your iStockist's store URL and login to your seller account using your email and password;
  2. Click 'Account settings'  icon (cog) at the header;
  3. On the left side menu click  'Advanced'
  4. Under 'Suppliers'  turn on the 'Auto-Order'  switch;

How to connect your products to your supplier's products

  1. Click 'My suppliers'  link at the header;
  2. On the left side menu select your supplier;
  3. Select 'Settings'  tab;
  4. Under 'Auto order'  enter the default delivery address for each order placed;
  5. Click 'Auto order'  tab and select the supplier product that you want to link to your product;
  6. Find your products from the select dropdown or add a new product to link.

Now all orders for that product will be sent automatically to your supplier and delivered to you or your trade customer, depending on the delivery address you selected.

Auto ordering

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