Wholesale eCommerce launch

In our quest to make the best eCommerce software for wholesale, we’ve decided to launch a wholesale eCommerce catalogue!

We’re calling our catalogue Wholesale Supplies and it will provide supplies to Irish businesses and a few international businesses that we know and work with. We’ll focus more on other regions in the near future and document our experiences on our blog.

Wholesale eCommerce catalogue

Doing wholesale with no warehouse

Ha, this almost stopped us in our tracks! We’re a bunch of guys and gals in an office and we don’t know much about handling physical goods. I for one, probably would be out of breath lifting a couple of boxes!

So, we’ve decided to skip that part. We going to use the concept of ‘drop shipping’- we’re not going to hold any items in stock ourselves. Instead we teamed up with a large wholesaler and they are taking care of shipping and inventory. Nice and easy!

Today, 25th November is day 1. I’ve been tasked with ‘stocking’ our wholesale ecommerce catalogue with appropriate products.

10:00 Product Codes sorted

I have decided on my product code strategy. It’s going to be [bizname]-[categoryNumber]-[itemNumber]. Our first product are nifty little wall hangers which I’m assigning to our first category: storage, so here we go: product b2b-1-00001 is added.

11:20 Images, Prices, Product Descriptions- hmm, there’s more to it that you think

Four products added. Slowly but surely. Geez, Already I’m realizing how important product images are. I want to use images that show more than just the product, they’ve got to give a flavour for how the product is used.

Also doing this has got me thinking a lot about price. There is definitely a psychological difference between 2.49 and 2.65 for example, and even more between 1.99 and 2.15. Pricing things to sell is an art form, that’s for sure.

I’m also realizing what a labor of love good product descriptions are. Those few elegant sentences that tell customers exactly what the product can do for them.

11:30 Skip the product descriptions for now

11:30 I’ve decided to do product descriptions and fine-tune the names as a second step, after adding in basic info like image, product codes and basic description, quantity, and price.

15:00 First 20 product live

I had some meetings earlier, but got back to things and got the first 20 products in and live.

15:32 Set up price lists and send some invites

I’m going to set up two price lists. One for public view to attract new stockists, and a private pricelist for Dublin stockists. This takes a couple of mins to set up. Done. Our catalogue is live.

As a last step for today, I have invited a few friends who I think might be interested in viewing my wholesale catalogue. 30 seconds later, my three invites have gone out.

We’re launched!

Launching Wholesale eCommerce catalogue ordering system

Oops better fix some of those product descriptions…

15:56 Write this post and make plans for next week

Next week, I plan to visit some retail stores in the area, plus email some businesses that I think would benefit from our B2B supplies product catalogue. I’ll be posting here on what’s working and whats not working.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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