Van sales

Everyday as we come to the office in Dalkey, we see vans from different food companies dropping off fresh produce to the local stores and restaurants. The scene is usually the same… A man is sitting in the van fumbling through bits of paper. Other times, they are clutching bits of paper on the way back to the van, with the wind blowing in their face.

It doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, this daily scene inspired us to come up with a better way.

The recipe for success

While the core iStockist team is perfecting the experience of online ordering for wholesale, we took on a side-project of creating the ultimate van sales app. We’re releasing it initially for iOS phones, and later on, for Android. We want to make the life of the van sales team as simple as possible, so that they can have more fun with the customers, instead of thinking about bits of paper.

First and foremost, the van sales app has offline mode. Even if internet connection is not available, life goes on and sales can be made. Second, and crucially, the app has signature capture, so that the customer can sign on the dotted line. The third key element is print capabilities, so that you can print a receipt for the customer via a portable printer.

Life better van sales team ordering system istockist mobile

With the essentials for trade baked-in

Trade sales are complex, in that you may have different pricelists for different customers. We’ve incorporated this into the van sales app.

Stock is obviously a vital ingredient. With the iStockist van sales app, you can set up each van as a warehouse, and assign stock to the warehouse, so that the guys always knows what’s left in the van.

You can organize everything with the settings you need for payment terms, currencies, sales tax/vat rates, etc for your business customers.

Digital transformation complete ✓

Furthermore, this can be combined with the rest of the iStockist features to completely digitize order management.

  • Your sales team get a simple way to process telesales and email orders;
  • Your customers get access to view their order history and even order online via your secure online trade portal;
  • You can fully-automate EDI orders;
  • And all of the orders and invoices can integrate with your inventory management and finance systems via the iStockist API or built-in integrations.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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