Order management

We’ve met with a lot of customers in the past few days. A common theme from the meetings was about keeping things simple. There’s a reason people can run pretty important parts of their businesses on excel and it’s simplicity and speed.

Excel is brilliant for inputting information.
An excel template lets you create the minimum of input fields. When you switch to software, things change. Unfortunately, excel truly is a nightmare for tracking sizable amounts of info, so sooner or later, the change is inevitable.

Business software is often a pain for inputting info.
When that day comes, it might often seem like no longer can you simply enter numbers into fields. The days of keeping one excel sheet open per day is gone. Now maybe it seems like it’s all about filling in endless long forms with important but super-repetitive information. Orders take longer to process, and your team is logging a lot more computer time.

Order management software needs to be faster

We know how you feel. That’s why our motto at iStockist is #FAST! Let me reassure you it is possible to have speedy order management software. It is a consideration in everything we do in iStockist.

order management software fast free ecommerce

From uploading information, to the daily chores of managing orders, we focus on keeping inputs to a minimum, by engineering the software to be smart. We know how productive and creative your team is on their best days. We feel software fit in smoothly to their working day, rather than becoming an extra burden or level of bureaucracy.

To have our software faster, firstly, we use modern technologies and programming techniques so that only the minimum information is loaded at any one time. We make sure pages load super fast and the feeling is more like using ios app, than that feeling that you’re constantly waiting for the page to load.

Second, we think a lot about how to minimize the steps to add or update an order. We think ordering systems should be as simple, yet intelligent as a social media website. We want it to be super-easy, to manage products, prices and customers! The information you get back from the system should be smart, useful and timely.

That’s it for today. Please do sign up and join us in our mission to make the fastest, best order management software system.

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