One click reorder

One click reorder stick basket catalogue update email price ordering system.

How much easier would your trade customers lives be, if they could place an order like this ‘Bring me the same as last time, and I’ll just make a couple of adjustments…’. With iStockist’s new ‘Reorder’ button, they can!

In this release we focused on making the buying process even simpler and faster, to make life easier for your customers and for you!

Re-ordering from suppliers is now a click away

Customers can now go to a previous placed order and click on ‘Reorder’. The checkout will open with the basket filled with the products from their previous order.

They can then make any necessary adjustments, like browsing the shelf to add or remove products easily from the order. Making regular orders has never been so easy!

One click reorder stick basket catalogue update price ordering system

Sticky basket

What is more, the checkout basket is now sticky. If your customers need to leave before completing an order, when they come back to the checkout, their order will still be there.

Updating orders

There’s many reasons why a customer’s placed order may need to be updated. Perhaps you’ve run out of stock on a product, the shipping charges have changed, order notes need to be added, or any number of other reasons. We’re happy to announce that now you can update your trade customer placed orders.

Catalogue updates

With our turbo-charged Catalogue Updates feature, there’s now a better and simpler way to market and communicate with your trade customers. You can add products and offers to the Catalogue Updates email. Creating and sending it takes seconds or a couple of minutes, versus hours with traditional email marketing.

Groups price catalogue are much easier to manage

Last but not least, we completely re-architected how iStockist manages prices. As a result, it’s simple to update the prices for a product from the product page. What is more, we’ve eliminated few steps required to update a price list making it super-easy to manage.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.

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