Fast processing

If you manufacture or distribute a product that’s high volume, with a small unit price, iStockist might be exactly what you need.

Perhaps you currently process orders that come in by email or phone. Your sales team get the orders and manually key them in to your ERP/accounting system. Say each order comes in on average for €50. Each order contains an average of 5 line items, with a wholesale price of €10.

Furthermore, let’s say you process €50,000 of these orders per working day (€12.5m turnover/year). That’s 1000 orders per day.

Your sales team is fast and they can each process 250 orders per day (approx 33 orders per hour. 7.5 hour working day.) As a result, your team of 4 people can process €50,000 of orders per day. Not a bad investment you might think!

If the labor cost of processing the sales orders is €200 per person per day. So the cost of processing €50,000 of orders is 1.6% (800/50,000). Interesting!

Opportunity cost of manual order processing

One thing for us to think about is the opportunity cost of manual order processing. Those same 4 sales people who are a key part of your organization, do not have much time to put to building customer relationships or generating new sales, or other creative endeavors. ‘That’s fine’ you might think, ‘I hired them to manually input orders’.

Moreover, those people processing the orders are doing the same thing day in, day out. It may seem like a safe haven way to make money and generate jobs. But having your people doing work that’s highly repetitive, and doesn’t require the human touch may not the best utilization of talented resources. The future is coming very fast. It’s bold, creative and inspirational!

We all know what we want our society to move away from – sweatshops, and 19th century, mindless, work-horse like environments. Towards decent wages and good conditions, building skills and craftsmanship, perks, the ability to be creative and work as a team, maybe even a bit of fun!

How iStockist helps

Luckily, this is where iStockist steps in. You can allow your trade customers to order self-service, giving them more freedom and convenience. You can give them to ability to walk around their outlet while browsing your product range on their phone and order when they want to.

Give your trade customers convenience. The orders come in to your ERP without order processing. Not only your costs are reduced dramatically, your sales team also gets freed up to focus on more creative, innovative work. For example, building relationships and loyalty, and selling and marketing your products.

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