Shopping list for Buyers

We are delighted to announce our latest feature for buyers… the shopping list has arrived! We have also introduced a simple way for suppliers to notify their stockists about price list updates.

Place repeat orders in seconds

Buyers can now re-order their weekly/monthly order of goods from suppliers in seconds. Put simply, iStockist is now the simplest, quickest and most flexible way to place a repeat order with a supplier.

For example, you save a shopping list called Weekly shop. To re-order, you can select the named shopping list, then click on ‘Buy’.
You can then make any updates you need and click on ‘Go to cart’ to complete the order.

You get a chance to review the full order and then confirm it by hitting ‘Checkout’.

Easy & convenient wholesale shopping

What is more, creating a shopping list is super easy. You can create a list whenever you make an order, or by clicking on ‘Shopping Lists’. You can also save multiple lists for each supplier. Not only that but you can save lists for multiple suppliers.

If you make repeat orders to your wholesalers and you’re not using stockist yet, get started. iStockist is 100% free for buyers and will save you a bunch of time and have more fun placing orders.

Notification email for suppliers

A simple way to announce changes to your wholesale product catalogue. If you have recently made updates to your wholesale product catalogue and are looking for a super-simple way to tell your stockists about it, we’ve got a new feature especially for you.

Click on the price list, and then in the dropdown menu, select ‘Send update alert’. This will inform your buyers that you have updated your product catalogue and invite them to check it out.

This is a very useful, simple and fast way to notify your buyers. For example, if you have recently added new products, categories or simply updated prices, quantities or other important details, this is a great way to notify your stockists.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
If you need an ordering system Sign up for a free iStockist account and check it out.

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