Improved features

Phew, we’ve been busy in the past few months, and I’m delighted to announce our latest release. In this post, I’m just going to touch on the main new features that we added. In subsequent posts, I’ll bring you on a deep dive into the awesomeness they can bring to your digital sales.


A long requested feature, you can now display available stock levels for each of your warehouses to your trade customers. This feature works super-well in our integration with Unleashed for inventory management, and in a limited way also for people who don’t have an integrated inventory management system.

This feature is disabled by default. To turn it on, you can go to ‘Account Settings > Advanced’ and switch ON ‘Stock’. A more detailed how to guide will follow in the coming weeks, so unless you talk with your iStockist account manager, we would recommend waiting for the how to guide before switching this on.


You can now also set Shipping rules at the group level. This gives you a lot of flexibility, for example, you might have all of your domestic customers in one group, with one shipping rate, and a separate group with its own shipping rates for each major export country.

You can manage your shipping rules in ‘Account Settings > Shipping’ and then select the appropriate shipping rule for a group.

Categories and sub-categories

Products can now be organised with up to 4 levels of sub-categories. This is designed to be extremely easy to setup and maintain.

Custom Email Headers

We know that a carefully branded customer experience is just, if not more important, for b2b sales, as it is for consumer sales. You now have a simple way to customize the email header for each of your customer emails, to provide the customer journey that is just right for you.

Improved look and feel on listing page

Your customers can now choose between browsing your product catalogue line by line or via the new grid layout, which displays a larger image with the product name and price underneath. At any time your customers can switch between each of the layouts.

Improved Unleashed integrations for Customers/Stock levels

As mentioned above, Unleashed users can now display their stock levels to their b2b customers. What is more, there’s now an awesome customer sync with Unleashed. This enables Unleashed users to deploy b2b online orders to their customers in minutes. These features are currently in beta release, and we’ll be launching how to guides for deployment of these features very soon.

Thanks to our amazing customers for your feedback and support! We work hard to ensure iStockist provides you with the best digital sales tools for your b2b customers.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
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