Getting started
  1. Create account
  2. Add products & prices
  3. Set up groups
  4. Invite/Add a customer

Add products & prices

Add products prices

After Creating an account on iStockist and getting his company approved to sell, the supplier can add some products and prices to create his first product catalog!

Upon signing up, the seller account will come with one sample category, one sample split and one sample product already set up. This helps the supplier to find his way on the system much faster.

Before adding new products make sure the splits and categories are set up.

Add a product

  1. Login to your iStockist seller account using your email and password (if you do not have a seller account click here to learn how to upgrade);
  2. Select ‘Products’ in the left vertical tabs, after that you can update/*delete the existing sample product (at the bottom of the screen you will find the ‘delete’ link);
  3. Click on the blue plus button to add a new product;
  4. Product code/sku is the unique stock-keeping unit (sku) or unique identifier of this product;
  5. Barcode, also known as the GTIN, European Article Number (EAN – 13 digits) or Universal Product Code (UPC – 12 digits);
  6. For the prices you can enter the Default price for all groups (you can have different prices for each group of customers, see Multiple prices below to know how);
  7. Enter any other details you would like, such as, products images, amount of units per split, variations, stock levels & warehouses (stock & warehouses need to be switched ON account settings), availability for purchase or remove the product from the shelf;
  8. Click ‘Save’

* A product can only be deleted if the price field is empty for all groups.
To know more how to display products in your store click here.

Multiple prices

A supplier account can have different prices for each group of customers but you need to enable it for your account.

  1. Click the ‘Account settings’ icon (cog) at the header, after that, at the left side menu click ‘Advanced’ link;
  2. Under ‘Multiple prices’, turn the active switch to Yes;
  3. Go back to your products page and select a product, under Prices click ‘Edit Prices’, a popup will appear where you can see one price field for each group of customers;
  4. The value entered for each ‘Group price’ field will overwrite the ‘Default’ price of that product, and that is what customers will see.

Awesome, now that the first product is set up. Let’s go to next step and add a group of customers!

Set minimum product quantity

Follow the instructions on this page to set a minimum product quantity to all group of customers.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
Or if you need an ordering system Sign up for a free iStockist account and check it out.

Add products prices