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Invite customers to your store

In the previous ‘Getting Started’ posts, you saw first, how to create an account on iStockist, second, how to add products & prices, and third, how to Set up a group of customers.

iStockist makes it super-easy to invite/add new and existing customers to your wholesale trade portal and make your first sale!

Invite/Add a customer

  1. Login to your iStockist seller account using your email and password (if you do not have a seller account click here to learn how to upgrade);
  2. Select ‘Customers’ in the left vertical tabs;
  3. At the Customer’s page side menu, click the green plus button, type in your customer’s name. A list of existing companies will appear, in case your customer is already on the system just select the name. If the name does not appear just type your customer’s company name;
  4. On the drop down list, select which group you want this customer to be part of (To set up more private groups click here to learn how);
  5. In case your customer’s company name is not on the system you will need to enter his email address and click ‘Send invitation’, otherwise click ‘Add Customer’;
  6. Your customer will receive an invitation by email (The emails your customers receive can be easily customized with your brand). To accept it they need to click on the email link, and if they do not have an account on iStockist, they will have to confirm/enter their company details and some personal information;
  7. After that your added/invited customer can browse your products & place orders.

After adding a customer, in case the supplier have their address, he can click on the customer’s profile and add it there, so when the customer is signing up he only need to enter his name and password. The address fields will be filled up with the information the supplier entered and if the customer wants he can update it or not.

Sometimes the customer that the supplier wants to invite is already on his list of customers, this can happen usually when importing customers from another system. In this case all that needs to be done is to search the customer’s name and assign them to a group.

For testing purposes, the supplier can set up a dummy customer using an email that the supplier have access to.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
Or if you need an ordering system Sign up for a free iStockist account and check it out.

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