Suppliers: Getting started
  1. Create account
  2. Setup products
  3. View your stores
  4. Invite customers

Setting up your products

After creating an iStockist account, it’s really easy to setup your products.

The minimum required fields are code, name and price. But you can go as deep as you like with product information. For example, iStockist makes it super-easy to manage different prices for different customers. If you need to, you can even set up custom product information for each customer!

You can update products one by one, or if you have a lot of updates, in bulk using the csv file importer. Alternatively you can automatically import products directly from your ERP, finance, or inventory system in csv/xml or json format.

Add a product

  1. Login using your email and password (if you do not have a supplier account click here to learn how to upgrade);
  2. Click on Products in the left side menu.
  3. Add a new product click on the blue plus button .
    • Required fields: enter the minimum required fields Unique Code & Product Name.
    • Prices: to start with, you can enter the default price to use through all of your stores. You can turn on different prices for different groups of customers, using Multiple prices below
    • Click‘Save’ to save the new product

Awesome, that’s the basics! Now that you’ve set up some products, you can view your store as a customer!

Or to learn more about having different prices for the same product, adding extra product information, and updating products in bulk, read on…

Multiple prices per product

A supplier account can have different prices for each group of customers. Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Click the Settings Cog icon at the header, after that, at the left side menu click Advanced.
  2. Under Multiple prices, click the switch to Yes
  3. Go back to your products page and select a product, under Prices, click Edit Prices, a popup will appear where you can see one price field for each group of customers.
  4. The value entered for each Group price field will overwrite the Default price of that product, and that is what customers will see.

Managing products

  1. Additional product info:
    • Additional product details: it’s often worth customizing the product with important information such as the product category, product images, the unit size or barcode.
    • Advanced product settings: You can setup more advanced product settings using these guides:
  2. Updating/deleting products
    • Update an existing product: select it, make changes and then click Update to save the changes
    • Delete a product: using the Delete button at the bottom of the screen

Bulk csv uploaders and automated product updates

  1. Bulk upload: you can edit your products, prices and stock in bulk using the products csv uploader
  2. Products API: your finance or inventory system can automatically update your products, prices and stock via our products api or using our customizable FTP/XML or FTP/CSV schedulers.
  3. Scheduled Imports/ExportsProducts API: your finance or inventory system can automatically update your products, prices and stock via using our customizable FTP/XML or FTP/CSV interfaces.

Awesome, now that you’ve set up some products with prices, let’s go to next step and add a group of customers!

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.
Or if you need an ordering system Sign up for a free iStockist account and check it out.

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