The year for online ordering system

online ordering system software

In 2016, people are still using phone and email to place orders. Why? Online banking is the easy way to manage money. Similarly online orders is the way to manage product orders.

Phone and email communications are extremely important. Talking to the customer is always going to be important. But routine day in, day out order-taking is simply not an efficient use of time. The buyer making a list of their order, reading it down the phone to the seller. The seller typing it into the keyboard…This does not look eficient.

Software is not the answer to everything, but for routine, admin stuff it can make everyone’s life easier.

Your sales team can focus on building relationships with new and existing customers, helping and educating them on new products and solutions.

Note: Over the past few months, we’ve developed a beautifully simple online ordering platform for wholesalers.

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Online ordering system software